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WE ARE THE EXPERTS IN TUMBLING!!!  WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT RIGHT!!!  We have long carried over our expertise in gymnastics to our tumbling program.   Have you ever noticed that cheerleader out on the field with exceptionally beautiful tumbling?  If so, did you ever wonder what it is that makes them stand out from the rest?  Here's your answer --- That cheerleader more than likely came up through a program that is built upon the solid foundation of gymnastics.  Our classes are designed to progressively develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination required to SAFELY AND CONSISTENTLY perform tumbling skills at ALL LEVELS!  NWK takes cheer tumbling to a NEW LEVEL!!


Beginning Tumbling CLASS | Ages 7 & up | Class Duration: 45 minutes
Designed for students with little or no tumbling experience. Students develop the basic skills and body positions needed to tumble and work towards developing strong round offs and back handsprings. Pre-requisites: None

Intermediate Tumbling CLASS | Ages 7 & up | Class Duration: 45 minutes
The class is designed to strengthen the tumblers current skills and introduce more advanced tumbling such as round off back handsprings, back handspring series, back tucks, front handsprings, and front tucks. Pre-requisites: Standing Back Handspring

Advanced/Elite Tumbling CLASS | Ages 7 & up | Class Duration: 45 minutes
This class is for experienced tumblers who are working on higher level skills like layouts, whips, twisting skills and more. Pre-requisites: Round-off Back Handspring Series

Specialty Cheer & Tumbling CLINICS | Ages: Varies | Clinic Duration: Varies
We offer several specialty clinics throughout the year.  Check availability by CLICKING HERE


Monthly Tuition Rate: 45 Minute Class - $69/month

Discount Available: 10% discount for enrollment in multi-programs/classes & siblings*

NWKsports Annual Family Enrollment Fee: $50/family*

*restrictions apply, see full policies for details


If you still have questions, email us at nwk@nwksports.com or give us a call at 361-241-0952. 

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